Infected by Art: Volume 5

Infected by Art: Volume 5

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This ground-breaking edition features over 300 pieces of art from the world's finest fantasy, science fiction, and horror artists in a range of media. Infected by Art hosts an annual art competition where a jury of artists and art directors choose the works that make it into each Volume. Grand Prize winners in IBA 5 include Vanessa Lemen, David Palumbo, Matt Smith, Vince Natale and Travis Lewis. This Volume's Body of Work award winner was artist Allen Williams. From fantastic scenes of science fiction to the worlds of fantasy and horror, this book has it all and will appeal to anyone who appreciates the works of imaginative realism. Artwork included in IBA 5 ranges from traditionally drawn and painted art, to artwork done digitally, as well as sculpture. As with Infected by Art Volume 4, Volume 5 also contains a section featuring the artworks commissioned for IX 10 which includes artworks by Dan Chudzinski, Forest Rogers, Gerald Brom, and Laurie Lee Brom. Each piece of art was hand picked by a select group of judges. With years of combined experience, each of these artists are uniquely qualified to decide the best of the best in all of the submissions to IBA for Volume Five. This year's judges were Bob Eggleton, Craig Elliott, Forest Rogers, and Marc Scheff.

IBA 5 is also sold as part of a discounted combo of all 5 volumes of Infected by Art.

Infected by Art: Volume 5 is a Hard Cover edition only. IBA 5 comes with the Limited Edition IX dust jacket with artwork by Brom.