Infected by Art: Volume 6

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With a cover painting by Annie Stegg Gerard, Infected by Art Volume 6 contains one of our most diverse groups of artists selected by our jury panel. 274 Artists are represented in IBA 6, with works ranging from traditionally painted to digitally painted, illustrations in pencil, pen and ink or gold leaf, to sculpted works. Our jury was comprised of artists Vanessa Lemen, Colin and Kristine Poole, Rob Rey, and Beautiful Bizarre EIC Danijela Krha Purssey. 

Yoann Lossel's image The Rise won IBA 6's grand prize, and artists Forest Rogers, Olivier Villoingt, Candice Broersma, and Patrick Jones receiving other grand prize awards. You can view all the awards from IBA 6 here. Yoann Lossel also received our Body of Work award which is and honor bestowed by his peers.

As you've come to expect, this edition features most of the 330 artworks on a full page to present the artwork in it's best light. This edition also features the 4 commissioned works from IX Arts that will be on display at IX 11 this Fall.

IBA 6 comes with the Limited Edition IX dust jacket with artwork by Richard Hescox.