Infected by Art: Volume 1 - Sanjulian Limited Edition HC **SCRATCH & DENT**

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Infected by Art: Volume One is the culmination of our first ever competition held at the beginning of 2013. $10,000 in prize money was awarded to many well deserving artists. Creators from around the globe submitted their best sci-fi/fantasy/horror/illustrated artworks to, and their fans voted online for their favorite artworks. At the end of the competition, our jury panel consisting of Basil Gogos, Ken Kelly, Sanjulian, and Arthur Suydam, selected the best pieces to be included in Infected by Art: Volume One. Volume One contains over 300 pages of art, with over 80% of the images filling the full page to best display the artwork!

Infected by Art: Volume One comes in both softbound as well as 4 hard bound Limited Edition versions. The LE versions each display a cover featuring artwork from one of our Volume One Jury panel. Each Limited Edition comes signed and numbered and each is limited to 100 copies. This LE version is signed by author Todd Spoor.

Scratch and Dent Editions have no structural or printing related issues - only very minor imperfections. You can expect your copy to have any of the following conditions:

- minor scuffs to the dust jacket or hard cover
- small dings or light dents on the hard cover